Well Woman Exam

Well Woman Exam Specialist

At Mercy Grace Private Practice, Dr. Hope Ijaola offers Well Woman exams, Pap smears, immunizations, and other preventive health measures for her patients who live in and around the greater Gilbert, Arizona community.

Well Woman Exam Q&A

What is a Well Woman Exam?

A Well Woman Exam is what every woman should have to remain in the best health possible. During a Well Woman Exam, a woman receives all of the screenings necessary for good health, a mammogram, Pap smear, blood glucose test, and a thorough pelvic exam. A Well Woman exam not only covers her reproductive health but other aspects of her health as well. The doctor may offer advice on how to lose weight or improve their lifestyle habits. Medically supervised weight loss plans as well as other preventive health measures that can be taken to get them back on track to good health and help them maintain a positive lifestyle.

What Special Health Concerns do Women Have?

Women have several health concerns that most men do not have. While men are recommended to get prostate exams, women are encouraged to receive mammograms, Pap smears, pelvic exams, and bone density tests. During a Well Woman exam, blood glucose levels may be tested, as well as their cholesterol levels. The reproductive aspects of a Well Woman exam are unique to them and their physical makeup. Another major concern for women is weight gain. During different periods of their lives, gaining weight can become a major issue. Doctors can help them to face depression and learn how to control their weight to avoid excessive weight gain.

How Often Should a Women get an Examination?

Women are encouraged to get a Well Woman Exam once a year. Most preventive health screenings are annual tests. Scheduling a Well Woman exam on a yearly basis allows a woman the benefit of early detection. Many health concerns women have can be put to rest with wellness checks. When certain health conditions are discovered in their earliest stages, a woman has many more options for treatment. During the yearly exam, doctors can also discuss many preventive health care measures with their patients that can be used to maintain a healthy weight, improve their diet, and create heart-healthy exercise plans.