Weight Loss

Weight Loss Specialist

Drs. Hope and Lanre Ijaola offer medically supervised weight loss options for her patients who are trying to improve their health. At Mercy Grace Private Practice the doctors and their staff serve the residents of many communities in Arizona, including those near the Gilbert area.

Weight Loss Q&A

What is Included in a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan?

A medically supervised weight loss plan includes several different components that can be used together to help women reach their ultimate weight. With this type of plan, a woman receives weekly check-ins where they can talk to their doctor about any problems they may be having, either with their health or with a part of their program. A medically supervised weight loss program includes an individualized diet and exercise plan that provides them with the nutrition and level of activity they need to be able to lose the weight they want safely and effectively. With this type of plan, healthy lifestyle patterns are created that allow a person to maintain their ideal weight on a long term basis.

Is Working With a Doctor Safer Than Losing Weight Alone?

When a woman works hand in hand with her doctor to lose weight, she has a distinct advantage over trying to achieve her goals on her own. Working with a doctor allows her to address any health issues she may have that could sabotage her goals or make it more difficult for her to stay on her program. The doctor can also create an individualized diet plan that offers the nutrition she needs throughout her weight loss journey. The doctor can also create an exercise program that makes it easy for the woman to start her program and stay on track. During the course of the program, the doctor can make adjustments as they are needed.

When Should a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan be Considered?

Individuals who are extremely obese or who have serious health concerns should consider a medically supervised weight loss plan. Individuals who are no in the best of health can work with a doctor to get the help they need to lose the excess weight without aggravating their existing health problems. By providing a nutritionally sound diet plan, the doctor can ensure their patient gets the nutrients they need without adding an excessive amount of calories. He can also ensure that the exercise program will not put undue stress on the patient or cause them to injure themselves in the process.