Diabetes Specialist

At Mercy Grace Private Practice, Drs. Hope Ijaola and Lanre Ijaola specialize in the treatment of treatment and prevention of diabetes. The doctors and their staff serve residents in many Arizona communities, including Gilbert.

Diabetes Q&A

What Causes Diabetes?

Doctors are unsure as to what actually causes diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to control the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. In Type 2 diabetes, the body produces ample amounts of insulin but is unable to utilize what it has on hand. With gestational diabetes, the mother's ability to utilize insulin is altered and her blood sugar levels are allowed to rise. Although gestational diabetes is treated in much the same way as other types of diabetes, it does not last longer than the length of the pregnancy. As soon as the baby is born, the mother's blood sugar levels are quickly brought back under control. The occurrence of gestational diabetes does increase the risk of a woman being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes later in life.

Can Diabetes be Prevented?

If a person has a genetic defect that causes their pancreas to not function as it should, then diabetes cannot be prevented. If a person has a family history of diabetes or other chronic health problems, they may want to get tested on a regular basis to ensure their blood sugar remains within normal limits. Once a person has determined they may be at a higher risk, they can begin to make healthier, more positive lifestyle changes. Reducing their intake of sugars and artificial sweeteners, exercising, and including more complex carbohydrates in the diet are just a few small changes a person can make to prevent a diabetes diagnosis later in life.

Is Diabetes Hereditary?

Many people are predisposed to diabetes, either through an unhealthy lifestyle or genetics. Although diabetes is not considered a hereditary disease, a person who has family members that have been diagnosed with it are at an increased risk. Individuals who have a family history of diabetes, chronic heart disease, and upper respiratory problems need to take precautions as soon as possible so they can prevent the onset of many of these health conditions. Creating a healthy diet full of fresh foods in their most natural state, healthy oils, lean meats, and other high protein foods will help you live a fuller, more active life, reducing your health risks across the board.