Depression Specialist

Drs. Hope and Lanre Ijaola specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of depression in children, adolescents, and adults. At Mercy Grace Private Practice, the doctors and staff serve residents throughout the greater Gilbert, Arizona area.

Depression Q&A

Can Depression be a Symptom of Another Disorder?

Depression can often be a sign or symptom of other health problems throughout the body. If a person is overly obese or has issues with their thyroid, depression may be one of the first symptoms they experience. Obesity can lead to feelings of hopelessness if the patient believes they have no way to get healthy. It can lead to a vicious cycle that causes them to eat more and continue to gain weight. With hypothyroidism, the decrease in thyroid production can cause a person to feel tired and lacking in energy. Over time, the lack of energy and motivation can turn into a severe bout of depression that may need to be treated with medication.

What are the Effects of Depression on the Body?

Depression is not a physical condition. It is a mental health disorder that can have physical effects on the body if not carefully treated. By the same token, physical conditions in the body can cause a person to become depressed. Once the cycle has been created, just treating the physical symptoms is not enough. The depression must also be addressed through counseling and the possible use of medication. If a person's depression is due to an illness, treating the illness may resolve the issue. If the depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, treatment may need to continue long after the physical illness has been corrected.

How is Depression Treated?

Treatment for depression can take many forms. While therapy and counseling are the most common and straightforward way of dealing with the problem, it may be wise to find out if there is an underlying cause by seeing an internal medicine specialist. Obesity, hypothyroidism, and other health conditions can lead to depression if not properly treated. Certain medications, exercise programs, healthy diet plans, and other treatment options may be beneficial if the underlying cause is one of these conditions.

To effectively deal with depression as a mental health condition, therapy and counseling are considered to be the most effective option. While medications can be helpful when it comes to restoring chemical imbalances in the brain, counseling provides human interaction that can eventually lead to the true cause and most effective treatment of the disorder.